How to plan your dream kitchen like a Pro

Choose a style

Buy magazines, jump online and research the latest in kitchen styles. James says this is the time to think big and consider what you like, need and want.

“Don’t flood yourself with design options but just grab enough information about the different styles of kitchens available,” he says.

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Organize appliances

Once you have a few style options selected, focus on the tools of the kitchen: the appliances. The type and number of appliances will impact on kitchen space, aesthetic appeal and functionality. So plan how, and how often, each appliance in your new kitchen will be used and the space it will require. Then integrate its presence and purpose in your design.

“You don’t need to buy all of your appliances in advance but you should educate yourself on how the appliances you will use in your future kitchen actually work. Talk to retailers and manufacturers, and ask them as many questions as possible.”


Work out a budget range and choose a priority expenditure goal.

“Do you want your kitchen to be really durable, aesthetically beautiful, hygienic or low maintenance?” James asks.

“If it is your forever home, spend that little bit extra on quality materials, like drawer runners and hinges, as you want it to last and stand the test of time.

“If you are going to be selling in a few years, and if you are in a certain real estate market, budget to design your kitchen at that level. Otherwise, pull back on cost. Get good quality finishings but stop at that.”

James also recommends putting an extra 10–20 per cent aside to pay for unexpected emergencies or hidden charges.

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