Rooftop Solar – Tie into the grid cheaper and faster


SDG&E has made available a new product called the Renewable Meter Adapter (RMA). The RMA simplifies the interconnection process for renewable generating facilities, like rooftop solar.

Some residential customers will require an upgrade to their electrical service panel to support the new rooftop solar PV system.  The RMA is an alternative to the panel upgrade, which may save time and money.

The RMA contains a meter collar with a 60 amp circuit breaker and a fused disconnect box that can accommodate up to an 11.5 kW system.  It also contains the necessary overcurrent protection which can eliminate the panel upgrade for certain customers.  Ask your solar contractor if your PV system will require an electrical service panel upgrade and whether the RMA is a suitable alternative.

If you decide to request an RMA, SDG&E will require a Rule 2 Contract signed by the Customer of Record and a completed RMA Request Form.

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