Sofa’s style sets a room’s mood; how to buy

Selecting a sofa?

Answer these questions to figure out what sofa style best suits you.

1. How do you like your back?

a. Tufted or generously padded

b. Tight and fitted

c. Loose pillows

2. How do you like your legs?

a. Skirted or carved

b. Straight or tapered

c. Bun feet

3. How do you like your arms?

a. Rounded

b. Square or barely there

c. Super stuffed

4. What best describes your personal style?

a. I like classic, tailored, timeless appeal.

b. The leaner, cleaner and more minimal the look, the better it is.

c. Comfort rules. I’d rather wear old jeans and a soft sweater than anything else.


If you chose all or mostly a’s, you’re a classic. Your style leans toward timeless traditional.

If you chose a’s and b’s, you’re transitional, and feel at home with a mix of old and new.

If you chose mostly b’s, you veer toward modern looks, a tighter, cleaner, less fussy interior.

A lot of c’s indicates you like a casual cottage style, one that says relax, put your feet up and call the dog to curl up beside you.

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