Remaking your home office on a budget

The home office is no longer a luxury. You can find space for a study even in the tiniest of homes. Having a dedicated space for taking time out to shop online, pay the bills, work from home or even get on Facebook can be achieved on any budget. You don’t need an entire room dedicated to a study, you only need to get onto Pinterest to see the clever ways people are creating a home office in less than a metre of space.

No matter what you’re working with interior stylist explains how you can renovate your home office on any budget.

The key to any office space is storage. Installing adequate storage space in the form of bookcases or floating shelves allows you to find a home for all your paper and showcase decorative pieces.

Inspirational boards can keep you going for the long hours of work ahead. Using a peg or cork board is a great way to showcase all the art and ideas that have inspired you, but also as its own design feature in the room.

Read more and see video:

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