How to design a room for kids


Decorating the private quarters of our younger folk is now just as sophisticated an undertaking as the rest of the house – albeit slightly more playful! Anyone doubting this notion need only look so far as Pinterest for inspiration in spades. But, where to start? From the outset, unless you are looking to completely redecorate every few years until your spawn leave home, you should consider design elements that can help you transition from age to age without a complete redo.  The room will at various times serve as baby nursery and a play room for busy infants, and eventually become something enduring that can serve them from early school days through to teens.

Where you might be prone to a slightly conservative approach with the rest of the house, the kids’ rooms are the zone where you can take some risks. “Be adventurous!  There are some amazing wallpapers available which have a wonderful hand-painted feel. One of our favourites is the L’Envol by Manuel Canovas​”, O’Neil says.

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