Expert tips on remodeling to add “value” to your home in 2016

Attention to Detail

Licensed Real Estate Agent at Richardson & Wrench Mosman Neutral Bay, Geoff Grist, believes the overall aim of any renovation worth it weight is provide a property with a homely “ready to move in” look and feel.

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One easy way to do this is to give your rooms and the property exterior a fresh lick of neutral-colored paint.

Other value-adding details that won’t cost the earth:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Proper ducted-ventilation for the bathrooms and laundry
  • Heated floors in bathrooms
  • LED lighting and smartphone control automation
  • Security systems linked to your mobile
  • Music systems streamed through ceiling speakers
  • Large bathroom tiles
  • Polished floorboards
  • New carpet
  • Butler’s pantry in kitchen to provide an accessible but concealed space for appliances like a Thermomix.
  • High quality branded kitchen appliances and a built-in dishwasher and fridge that match the kitchen, if the house is pitched at the higher end of the market.

“Buyers want to picture themselves in a home,” Grist says. “So if a renovation means that a buyer can picture themselves living in a property, then they will pay a premium to live there.”

Home renovator, Tanya Southworth agrees. She and her husband just sold a two-bedroom fibro holiday house in Culburra on the NSW south coast. Having bought the property for $350,000 11 years ago when the property market attracted a high purchase price, the aim of the renovation was to upgrade the house and make the couple’s money back.

A renovation of $70,000 saw the couple open up the space between the granny flat and main house to create one spacious property, put floorboards throughout the property, upgrade the bathroom, laundry and kitchen, and add an attractive garden.

The house sold last November for $450,000 in just three weeks. Southworth says the biggest selling point of the property was that it was ‘move in’ ready.

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