10 Common decorating mistakes to avoid

Sometimes, getting it right is more about knowing what to avoid, so here’s our top tips on what not to do when redecorating.

1. Bare essentials

Homes that have a spartan look, with bare walls and nothing to look at are not particularly welcoming. Ultra-modern homes can fall into this category. A cool, architectural house is not a home until you add that personal touch.

Don’t over think it, just put up something, preferably large, or introduce some decorative floor rugs. You can always change items at a later date. Which brings us to number two.

2. For art’s sake

Artwork doesn’t need to hang on the wall – it can be propped up on a side table. This interior, designed by Trendzseater, groups interesting black-and-white items with a splash of colour for maximum visual impact.

Prints and paintings hung too high are perhaps the most common decorating mistake. Bring them back down to eye level and lower. Artworks don’t necessarily have to hang on the walls. Consider propping them up on a mantelpiece, extended hearth or a trunk leaning against the wall.

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