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Update your home with lasting changes – guidelines to avoid looking dated

Stick with the basics for your basics

Clean lines and neutral colors, while not the stuff of Instagram likes, will probably outlast current obsessions such as patterned cement tiles and benches upholstered with ratty sheepskins. Design pros preach that the backbones of your home — floors, walls and major furniture — should skew toward simplicity. In a decade, that swoop-armed Pottery Barn sofa might feel more tired than a low-slung, squared-off midcentury modern couch.

Indulge in trends — in a small way

Holland says she sometimes gets pushback from clients when she presents a design proposal with neutral base elements. “They’ll sometimes say, ‘That’s boring,’ but I emphasize that the way to do these trends — macramé, a bold pattern — is in a pillow or a small area rug,” she says. It’s akin to shelling out for the little black designer dress you’ll wear forever, then dolling it up with this season’s necklace and shoes.

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Do you have clients that want to age in place? Clients that want to sell homes in 55+ communities. Check out these design elements.

bath 1

bath 2

American baby boomers are reaching retirement age at a rate of 10,000 a day, according to AARP. But apparently they’d rather regale friends with apocryphal recollections of being at Woodstock than contemplate their own mortality and plan for their dotage, even though they risk paying dearly for such shortsightedness.

“Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older persons,” said Erik Listou, co-founder of the Living in Place Institute, who modified the accepted term “aging in place” (AIP) when he co-founded it, because “nobody wants to talk about getting old.” The Denver-based educational organization trains medical professionals, Realtors, designers, and contractors in AIP principals. “The cost of a fall is estimated at around $34,000 in just direct medical expenses,” he continued. And according to Genworth Financial’s 2017 Cost of Care Survey, the national annual median for assisted living is $45,000 (as high as $72,000 in some states), so making your home safe enough to maintain your independence clearly makes economic sense, what with the average midrange bathroom remodel costing about $19,000, according to Remodeling magazine.

But it isn’t the cost that causes clients and builders to avoid the topic. After all, many AIP modifications, such as replacing knobs on cabinets, faucets and doors with pulls and levers, can be made without a major overhaul. Homeowners fear that AIP will look ugly and institutional. One glance at a bathroom grab bar and most of us can smell disinfectant and hear the squeak of nurses’ shoes.

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Best IKEA products according to interior designers

From your first apartment to your dream home, there’s one decor brand that makes its way into every interior along the way: IKEA. The Swedish giant has perfected the art of fashion and function with its minimalistic collection that walks a fine line between classic and on trend.


IKEA Ranarp work lamp

“Brass is everywhere these days, but I love it most when it’s mixed with other metals. As lighting is often considered the ‘jewellery in a room’, this piece strikes the perfect balance: It has pizzazz but isn’t too blingy, and the finish is contemporary but still elegant. This lamp would be perfect in a home office that doubles as a guest bedroom. It does double-duty as the perfect task light but is still chic enough to impress visitors.” — Lindsay Pennington, founder of Lindsay Pennington.

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