25 Home Items Worth Investing In

1. Mattress

We spend 25 years of our lives sleeping (!), so a good mattress is a must have…There is no one mattress that works for everyone. When picking out the right mattress for you, take into consideration things such as body type, lifestyle and the way you sleep (whether it’s on your back, stomach or side).

2. Pendant lights

Try to find locally designed and built light fittings which help tie your home to its location, as opposed to more mass produced options which show up in homes worldwide and thus possess a fair bit less personality…Similar to a table, they help establish the personality of a space and thus become a big communicator of the personality of the occupants.

3. Bed linen

There is lots of really cheap bed linen on the market, but spending just a little bit more can go a long way. Consider thread-count for softness and material depending on the time of the year. For instance, natural fibres including silk and cotton blends are ideal for hot summer nights.”

read more at: http://www.domain.com.au/advice/25-home-items-worth-investing-in-20160205-gmmm96/


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