How to choose the perfect exterior paint for your home

Spend time doing your research and be cautious of slavishly following current trends. “You must be very careful choosing a colour,” warns Cath Cornish from Brisbane interiors company Sachs and Cornish. “Colours go in-and-out of fashion, so an on-trend hue will always date. Your house colour is not like a throw cushion; you will possibly be stuck with it for a long time.” Collect quality paint samples and spend time ‘living’ with them.

“The paint you choose must be a good quality,” she says.  Ensure its formula includes ultra violet (UV) absorbers to ensure your finish is long lasting, and properly protected from the harsh Australian sun. Consider the surface you are painting.  If uneven, opt for a low-gloss or matte finish paint that won’t highlight surface imperfections.  “Stock up on sample pots, so you get to know the paint, its qualities, and of course, get a feel for your colour choices,” says Cath. “Paint pieces of wood that you can put in your yard and look at for a few days. Invest time in choosing your paint properly. Never rush your decision.”

When choosing your palette, take time to carefully consider the design of your home, its contents, and the effect you want to create. Consider the colour of your roof, ensuring that your colour scheme doesn’t work against it, but with it. A red tin roof, for example, lends itself to a cream, neutral or red-toned exterior. “Some simple starting points for selecting colour is looking at the colour tones in the flooring, and at what furniture you are keeping for your room ‘makeover’, as they need to work together,” agrees Blaze.

Arguably the most on-trend exterior palette right now is shades of classic grey, from smoke and steel, to fog and charcoal, that imparts a certain ease and mellowness, yet looks as smart as, well, paint. “Try going very dark on your weatherboards, and contrast with a solid white to define window trims and fretwork details,” suggests Blaze. “Another favourite look of mine is soft grey or taupe tones with a contrasting trim.”

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