Remodeling? Cost vs Value. Study reports biggest return

Insulation Tops the List

The average 64.2% cost-recouped percentage for all 30 projects in all 100 markets hides vast variations between projects and between markets. This year’s highest return came from one of two newcomers to the report—an attic insulation project.

Make sure you have a qualified appraiser. Lenders randomly assign an appraiser to determine the appraised value of a home.
However, solar/energy efficient homes are not a typical home – it is a high performance building with unique features.  Fannie Mae,
Freddie Mac and FHA guidelines require appraisers to be competent in the property type they are appraising.   Contact the appraisers at they are Appraisal Institute Certified Green Appraisers.

As insulation jobs go, this task is fairly simple: Blow loosefill fiberglass insulation into a 35×30 attic space until you get an R-30 insulation value. Our cost consultant concluded that such a project would cost an average of $1,268 nationwide. Real estate pros, meanwhile, estimated the project would increase a home’s retail value by an average of $1,482. That’s a $116.90 return for every $100 invested, making attic insulation the only project out of the 30 that averaged out nationally with greater than a 100% return. On a market-by-market basis, installing insulation more than paid for itself in 60 of the 100 markets.

Last year’s No. 2 bang-for-the-buck project, manufactured stone veneer, again came in second with a 92.9% return. It was followed by the midscale garage door replacement at 91.5%, a steel entry door replacement (last year’s No. 1) at 91.1%, and the upscale garage door replacement at 90.1%.

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