Smart home aimed at elder care

Using  small, battery-powered sensors developed by Samsung, the Australian developed Holly Smart Home Project will be able to monitor aged care homes and can alert healthcare providers when strange activity is detected in or around the home.

The sensors are placed around the house — motions sensors, sensors under the bed for sleep tracking, door sensors, in cupboards, fridges, etc — and stream information to a program named Holly, whose artificial intelligence coordinates the information to make certain predictions about your behaviour, said Rajesh Vasa, Professor of Software and Technology Innovation at Deakin University.

The sensitive sensors — which can detect temperature and movement — will alert Holly to remind you to take medication, and let it know if you’ve taken that medication.

“It can track if (your medicine cupboard) has been accessed,” he said.

“The devices can also pick up anonymous movement around the house. If you go to the bathroom and have a fall, the system picks that they have been in there too long, far more than usual, and the appropriate alert can go out.”

All the data collected by the sensors and Holly stays in your house, and it only sends out information — such as alerts — if the device has been given permission to set up those protocols.

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