Ways to Brighten up a dark space


A better way to choose the right bulb is to look for the color temperature (measured in Kelvin), says David Weeks, founder of David Weeks Studio. The lower the number, the warmer, more yellow the light is. To create an inviting atmosphere, bulbs that fall within the 2600K to 2700K range are ideal, Weeks says. Most incandescent lightbulbs produce light in this color-temperature range. Specialty studios — including Urban Chandy — are also starting to offer even warmer options at around 2200K. These bulbs mimic the candlelight glow of old-fashioned Edison, or filament, bulbs (which are typically lower in color temperature than incandescent bulbs are). Brush, who makes vintage-inspired chandeliers with recycled materials, says — “2200K is the magic number for LEDs that we’ve determined gives the same fireside glow as traditional incandescent bulbs.”

To light some of the darkest parts of your home, consider LED strip lights, says Sheila Schmitz, editor of Houzz, a leading platform for home remodeling and design. The flexible strips with adhesive backs can subtly illuminate challenging areas. “You can light up just the floor area, which can be a light suck,” Schmitz says. Houzz users have incorporated LED strip lights in the toe-kick area under bathroom counters, in living-room entertainment displays and bookshelves and underneath cabinets in the kitchen. (Stringing twinkle lights around windows, over your bed or around doors is another easy and energy-efficient way to add extra illumination that’s easy on the eyes, Schmitz says.)

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