Selling property: weird, quirky or unusual features of a home can put off buyers


When you’re looking to sell a property, you want it to appeal to a broad market – for punters to come in and be able to picture their happy, home-owning future. What you don’t want is a confused giggle when they get a look at your bathroom.

When buyers are attending several inspections over a weekend they’re looking for reasons to rule out properties, according to agents.

“Buyers tend to exclude rather than include”, says Walter Burfitt-Williams, of BresicWhitney. “You might think the leopard print wallpaper is gorgeous, but it’s not to everyone’s taste.”

In older homes it’s better to stick to classic styling rather than something on-trend, and try to avoid over-complicating interiors with multiple trends or time periods. You don’t want a clash of different styles in a house, let alone a room, he notes.Steep, spiral staircases in narrow terraces – a popular option for renovations of a certain era – were another feature to rethink, according to Peter Gordon, from Cobden & Hayson, particularly in small terraces in Sydney’s inner west. Jacuzzis were another addition to consider getting rid of, as buyers tended to view them more as a second-hand spa.



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