New Adapter for rooftop solar – no electrial panel upgrades needed

Renewable Meter Adapter | San Diego Gas & Electric

SDG&E has made available a new product called the Renewable Meter Adapter (RMA). The RMA simplifies the interconnection process for renewable generating facilities, like rooftop solar.

Some residential customers will require an upgrade to their electrical service panel to support the new rooftop solar PV system. The RMA is an alternative to the panel upgrade, which may save time and money.


  • Avoids expensive electrical upgrades which could help increase solar adoption.
  • No delays to complete upgrades, saving time and hassle
  • Installation can take as little as one hour
  • Saves space in the customer’s service panel for future needs
  • Contractors will not need to enter the service panel, enabling a safer interconnection
  • No impact to the customer’s property, like stucco repair, landscaping or painting common to service upgrades
  • Safer than other options as the RMA contains a main breaker for overcurrent protection
  • SDG&E will install, operate and maintain the RMA throughout the life of the device

Per the video on SDG&E website: $1326 installed in 30 minutes.  Estimated half the price of a panel upgrade.

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