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California becomes first state requiring all new homes be built with solar

s expected, the California Energy Commission (CEC) passed a first-in-the nation rule Wednesday, mandating all new homes constructed in the state be equipped with solar panels.

“This is a landmark vote today,” said David Hochschild, one of CEC’s five commissioners who unanimously approved the measure that was part of a revision to California’s Building Efficiency Standards, which are updated every three years.

The rule will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020, and does not need to be approved by the Legislature or the California Public Utilities Commission.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems will be installed on every house that receives a building permit, as well as condominiums and apartments up to three stories high. Homes that are shaded by trees or taller buildings, as well as houses with roofs too small to accommodate a PV system, will be eligible for exceptions or alternatives to the mandate.

The updated building code also includes stricter efficiency standards on lighting, ventilation, windows, walls and attics for non-residential as well as residential structures.

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Solar powered clean drinking water

solar water

A solar-powered device that creates clean drinking water from the air is being trialled in Australia.

The portable Source Hydropanels, created by Zero Mass Water, are designed to suck moisture from the air, dehumidifying it to drain the water out before it purifies and add minerals to the water. It is powered solely by attached solar arrays.

Depending on the climate, the hydropanels can create up to five litres of potable water a day.

It is understood that the panels produce enough water to displace more than 20,000 plastic water bottles over its 15-year lifespan.

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