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Helix water rates going up in November

The Helix Water District voted to raise prices for its customers after a heated public meeting Wednesday night.

The hearing drew a small but vocal crowd to the district’s headquarters in La Mesa.

On the agenda was a proposal to raise water rates 4.7 percent starting November 1 for the district’s service area which includes La Mesa, El Cajon, Lemon Grove, and parts of Spring Valley,
Lakeside and Santee.

The price hike would work out to just over $2 a month for an average user.

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San Diego Water Rates will increase 2% Weds

Water rates in San Diego will increase just over 2 percent on Wednesday, part of a five-step incremental spike over four years that will amount to a compounded rate hike of 35 percent.

The rate increase comes one week after an audit found 2,750 individual water bills last year were incorrect and had to be readjusted because of errors by meter readers.

For average customers living in single-family homes and using about 1,200 cubic feet of water per month, the 2.16 percent increase will equate to approximately $3.75 more per every-other-month water bill.

This week’s increase had been anticipated to be 5 percent when the City Council approved the series of hikes back in 2015, but city officials said in a news release they opted instead for 2.16 percent.

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