How to live green in a small space



Advice on home sustainability is often based on unlimited space and a mortgage, with chicken coops, vegetable patches and solar systems among those frequently listed options.

A host of innovative startups are now working to change the industry, inventing new products to suit renters and apartment dwellers.

Glowpear – Australian company Glowpear specialises in gardening solutions for small spaces, giving renters and apartment dwellers the ability to create their own mini gardens.


Greenwall -Soil-less vertical gardens known as “greenwalls” are an attractive, low-maintenance way to improve air quality and reduce noise.

Because of greenwall plants’ adaptive survival abilities, these can be installed on a building facade or wall where soil isn’t a possibility.

The Green Wall Company is an Australian-owned business that has installed more than 5000 square metres of greenwalls across Australia, New Zealand and Brazil.

Not only are the walls easy to maintain, the lush greenery is a beautiful way to soften a space and bring nature indoors.

Most greenwalls are watered with drip irrigation and use timed automatic irrigation to reduce waste, manual watering and time spent on maintenance.

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