Machine turns your food waste into gas for cooking


HomeBiogas based in Beit Yanai, Israel, is a biogas system that turns food and organic waste into clean cooking gas, and its byproduct can be used as liquid plant fertilizer. Best part? It easy to assemble and can be placed in your own backyard.

You can place all kinds of organic waste including meat, dairy and even used kitty litter into the system. Once inside, bacteria inside the digester will decompose the organic material and release biogas.

This Machine Turns Your Food Waste Into Gas For Cooking

Homebiogas, which costs $995 for a limited time, runs without electricity and its daily gas output is equivalent to about 6 kilowatt-hours of energy.

“In layman terms, enough gas for three hours of cooking,” Ami Amir, marketing and business development for HomeBiogas, told Waste 360. “It accepts meat, fish, fats, oils and dairy stuff — all of which are not treatable by composters.”

Amir adds that the gas may be used for lighting or heating water by using devices that are compatible with low-pressure biogas.

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