How to create a luxurious bathroom on a budget


Whether you hire a designer, an architect or decide on a DIY build or sub-contract, you can create a five-star bathroom on a set budget if you know what to do ahead of time. It is important to plan, research, source, to ask questions, and to understand the design and building processes.

Know what you want in advance so that your budget doesn’t blow out, the project doesn’t go over time, and you still end up with your dream bathroom. Put pen to paper, or finger to pad, start your planning and researching and then set your budget. The planning involves deciding what lifestyle and functions you want your bathroom to fulfil, and then what design and decor style evoke that certain look and mood.

Your plan includes your wishlist. Write down the features your ideal bathroom would have, then arrange in order of priority. Examples could include: a window to take advantage of a garden view and increase natural light; a large bath for two people; enough storage for each member of the family … and anything else that comes to mind.

With your wishlist done, begin your ‘people’ research – this will include finding a suitable designer, architect or builder, or if you are sub-contracting, then all the necessary contractors or tradespeople: draftsperson, 3-D designer, builder, plumber, electrician, carpenter, gyprock setter, plasterer, tiler, painter. Go with word of mouth if you can.

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