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The no-cost home makeover


Use leftover paint to add color to vintage furniture pieces, such as this painted sideboard. Bonus? You’ll be rid of those half-empty cans.

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How to create a luxurious bathroom on a budget


Whether you hire a designer, an architect or decide on a DIY build or sub-contract, you can create a five-star bathroom on a set budget if you know what to do ahead of time. It is important to plan, research, source, to ask questions, and to understand the design and building processes.

Know what you want in advance so that your budget doesn’t blow out, the project doesn’t go over time, and you still end up with your dream bathroom. Put pen to paper, or finger to pad, start your planning and researching and then set your budget. The planning involves deciding what lifestyle and functions you want your bathroom to fulfil, and then what design and decor style evoke that certain look and mood.

Your plan includes your wishlist. Write down the features your ideal bathroom would have, then arrange in order of priority. Examples could include: a window to take advantage of a garden view and increase natural light; a large bath for two people; enough storage for each member of the family … and anything else that comes to mind.

With your wishlist done, begin your ‘people’ research – this will include finding a suitable designer, architect or builder, or if you are sub-contracting, then all the necessary contractors or tradespeople: draftsperson, 3-D designer, builder, plumber, electrician, carpenter, gyprock setter, plasterer, tiler, painter. Go with word of mouth if you can.

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How to spend your kitchen remodeling budget

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SPEND ON: Appliances
Good quality appliances are the most important features in your kitchen. It’s important to choose designs that do the hard work for you. For example, consider an oven that has a pyrolytic self-cleaning system. It’s basically a function that you set the oven to in which it cleans itself while you relax with a cup of tea! This pyrolytic function does add a bit to the cost, but the convenience of not having to spend hours scrubbing the oven with smelly cleaners is worth it.

It’s also a good idea to prioritize energy efficiency in appliances that are on all day (fridges, for example) and to invest in slimmer options that save on space.

TIP: When purchasing new appliances, ask the store if they are selling any of their display models for a discount. They will be ‘sold as seen’, which means there may be scratches or other damage on the appliance, but this will be reflected in the price. Also ask about package deals. Often if you purchase an oven and cook-top, you can avail a discounted price on the range-hood, for example.

SAVE ON: Handles
A stylish handle doesn’t have to carry a big price tag. You can pick up some great kitchen cabinet handles on average for as little as $4 each. Check out online wholesalers and speak to other Houzz users who may be able to recommend places where they have found good deals in the past.

Expect to pay a lot more for a handle that is made entirely from stainless steel. Unless you live near the sea where salt water corrosion is an issue, stainless steel is not necessary. Zinc aluminium alloy is used to manufacture the majority of kitchen cabinet handles – it’s a much more cost-effective material and can be finished in many ways.

TIP: If you choose knobs that only require one hole to be drilled in your cabinet doors, they will be easy to replace in a few months/years if you fancy a change. So if you don’t overspend now you will be able to justify a change later!

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