6 things to do to get your home ready for sale


Declutter.  You need someone to walk into your home and be able to imagine themselves living there, says stylist Andrea Jones of O’Meara Jones. And they won’t be able to do that if there are personal ornaments crowding every surface inside, and the garden full of gnomes.

“Clutter looks messy and makes people feel it might be dirty underneath,” she says.

“So just get rid of all those bitty ornaments you’ve collected over the years and anything frilly or busy. Replace it all with a couple of colourful vases artfully placed to the side.”

Deep clean.  Morton Real Estate agent Etienne West advises all his vendors to hire professionals for a deep clean. “You need your property to look absolutely spotless,” he says.

“That means the kitchen, cooker, bathroom tiles, floors, windows, doors, walls … everything.  They’ll remove all the marks on walls, wipe inside the cupboards and drawers – you often see buyers opening them to check – and make sure it looks as fresh as possible.”

Fix the small stuff.  Give it a fresh coat of light, neutral-coloured paint which will immediately make a house look brighter, lighter and cleaner, says Jones. “Also, people can imagine their furniture against those blank walls much more easily than if they’re a wild colour or dark. You can always introduce colour with a lovely rug or cushions.”

West also likes to recommend a handyman comes in to do small jobs like regrouting, fixing dripping taps, or laying new carpet in rooms where it’s needed.

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