Futuristic home gadets now available

Behold! Take a look at the home of the future … Or is it the home of today? These innovative, Jetsonesque appliances are here to make your life easier, taking much of the struggle out of our menial daily chores. Out with the old and in with the extremely new!


1. June Oven

Clueless in the kitchen? This smart oven doesn’t leave anything to chance. June has been marketed as the biggest kitchen game-changer since the microwave oven. Just pop in the raw meal – and stand back as it does its work. With its built-in camera and processor, June recognizes what dish you’re cooking, sets the appropriate temperature, and turns itself off when your food is ready. Think of it as an easy-bake oven for grown-ups!

See more at: http://www.domain.com.au/advice/10-futuristic-home-gadgets-to-make-your-life-easier-20160622-gpow4w/

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