Residential Solar Power Buying Guides – Get the best deal

Thanks to professional resources like the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), evaluating your solar power needs and understanding the best type of solutions for your home has never been easier. SEIA has made available several consumer guides to solar power that make it simpler for homeowners to properly evaluate offers (its best to get a number solar power quotes) and fully comprehend your agreement terms.

SEIA’s most recent residential consumer guide to solar power outlines several key areas:

Evaluate your home:  Think about your personal electricity usage and how it’s used in your home. You should take a look at your utility bill and how much kilowatt-hours (kWh) your household uses and how much you’re currently paying for it. This will help determine the number of panels and output you will need from the system.    The BPI appraisers at recommend a HERS rating before you start shopping for solar panels.  The more energy efficient your home is before you start shopping for panels will in all likelihood decrease the number of panels you will need.

You should also check out your roof and get at solar professional come out for an evaluation. They will be able to provide a consolation and calculate the amount of sunlight you’re currently getting and if its enough.

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