Need more room? Try automated furniture

auto furn

Fuseproject’s designer Yves Behar has teamed up with the MIT Media Lab to create an automated furniture system called Ori, and fittingly enough inspired by the idea of origami.

Clever, transformable and multi-functional fittings aren’t new to the sphere of small living, but the appeal of Ori comes with it’s relative ease.

A wall unit conceals a bed underneath which slides out when you need it, and slides back when you don’t.  Above the bed, a wardrobe and a desk/home office space, accessible both when the bed is hidden away or extended.

And on the other side? Fun. In the form of an entertainment unit. The Ori can be programmed with a default configuration, including lighting, and adjusted remotely via an app.

So you don’t even need to be home to make (well, hide) your bed, or set up the place to have guests over for a movie night.

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