Renovating to sell: You’re doing it wrong

When planning an upgrade to your property before selling, there’s often that dilemma about what to do and how far to go for the best return on your money. From the results I’ve seen, making the right changes to refresh your property and make it “pop” in the eyes of your buyers, is the difference between a quick, top dollar sale and a slow and unprofitable one.

Most “experts” would say that kitchens and bathrooms are the areas you should pour your money in to. I disagree: my view is that when you sell, the priority areas in order of importance are generally:

1. Exterior front

2. Kitchen

3. Interior living spaces

4. Exterior living spaces (depending on location)

5. Bathrooms and the rest of the house

 This is not to say bathrooms (and bedrooms, laundry etc) don’t get a look in. They would definitely get some love, but the extent of work done would be less than other experts might typically advise.

I have proven the success of this theory over and over. Think about when you first saw the home you live in now. The first parts of the property you see are the exterior, then the living and kitchen spaces. I believe that these are the areas that provide the first impression and biggest impact.

Carefully assess what parts of your property would benefit most from an upgrade – before you start on anything. Ask real estate agents or research what the qualities are of the properties that sell quickest and for the most money in your suburb.

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