5 interior design trends that turn off buyers


Steer clear of the following buyer pet peeves when preparing your home for sale.

Unpractical bathrooms

Elaborate, contemporary bathrooms might be all the rage in design magazines, but this interest is rarely mirrored in the property market.

When inspecting a home, most buyers look for practical, low-maintenance bathrooms.

Managing director of RPM Real Estate Rodney Morley says a constant buyer turn-off is “the new trend of open showers immediately adjacent to baths”.

“Every time you have a shower you need to wipe down the bath,” he says.

This same sentiment applies to the positioning of bathrooms in every corner of the house – who has time to clean them all?

Blush pink everywhere

Blush pink may be the colour of the moment, but too much runs the risk of alienating buyers.

“We would advise you to use it sparingly,” says Sara Chamberlain, director of The Real Estate Stylist.

“It’s important to understand that males and females are different in how they react to a space. Typically, a style that is too frilly, too pink and too sparkly will be isolating to some buyers, and you never want to cut out part of the market.”

Instead of painting a pale pink feature wall in the living room, try injecting splashes of this colour through decor items than can easily be updated.

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