Mistakes home sellers make

Being sucked in by “free help”

There’s been a surge in TV and radio advertisements with online companies claiming to find you the best agent, get you the best price and save you money – and it’s all for free.

Before making a decision to sell: Get to know who your local agents are and see how they operate. It won’t take long to find out who the hard workers are, and which ones get the best results.”

Not knowing the true value of your property

In the eyes of a banker, a vendor should have a well-informed idea of their property’s value.

Contact the appraisers at www.scappraisals.com for your home value questions.

The general manager of retail banking for St George Bank, Ross Miller, says: “In our experience, a vendor can avoid making a big mistake by knowing the true value of their property. To get an accurate estimate, do your own research but also obtain professional appraisals from local real estate agents as well as an accredited valuation.”

read more at: http://www.domain.com.au/news/worst-mistakes-sellers-make-20161011-grzlhv/

disclaimer: for information and entertain purposes only

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