Website helps house hunters find the best schools

House hunters with children now have another option when seeking a neighborhood with a good school.

air housing laws prohibit agents from providing advice or opinions on schools because it could be considered steering people to particular neighborhoods. However, agents for several years have been recommending to buyers information on, which ranks schools on a one-to-10 scale and on other third-party sites.

Now another site called launched its own school-rating system, offering buyers the ability to see house listings by school district. Buyers can search by city, Zip code or county to get a list of schools with a letter grade. Cruvita has real estate listings in many areas, including the District and numerous jurisdictions in Maryland and Northern Virginia.

The Cruvita School Score uses a patent-pending algorithm to rank and grade most public schools in the United States based on test scores and other educational data. The lower the score, the better the school. The letter grades are assigned to schools nationwide to make it easier for buyers to compare schools quickly; a B+ in Maryland is equal to a B+ in Arizona.

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