How to find the best agent to sell your property

Whatever the reason behind your decision, selling your home or rental property is a big undertaking. There are often unforeseen financial and emotional considerations, and in today’s competitive market, it helps to have unbiased, professional advice.

But how do you find the best real estate agent for you?

Shop around – Trying to sell your home by yourself is sheer madness. You need the expertise of a professional. And the numbers don’t lie: homes without representation remain on the market longer and end up selling at a lower price than those with a pro at the helm.

But don’t jump in headfirst. Buyers’ advocate Janne Sutcliffe says vendors should meet with “at least three real estate agents” before selecting one. “Ask each of them the same questions to establish their position on price, fees, what pre-sale improvements are needed, the best way to market the property and the cost of advertising,” she says.

Sutcliffe advises against selecting the agent who provides the highest price estimate: “They might be talking it up to get the listing,” she says. “Instead, pick the agent who calls it as it is.”

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