What we can expect from the houses of the future

More and more houses are also going to have photovoltaic capacity to generate electricity, Wolfe says. “Therefore there needs to be a facility for the storage of battery cells and this may mean a new room or an extension of a garage,” he says.

“Energy efficiency is always something that will be a moving target. Material design and specification will facilitate the energy efficiency of houses and this is where innovation will play a big role.”

Ochiai adds he also believes future homes will make greater use of materials that require less maintenance to sustain. “This includes materials that don’t produce waste when you use them, such as prefabricated or prefinished material that is made off-site,” he says.

“I also think people will become more aware of the materials used, especially around chemicals. People are likely to keep their homes for a longer period of time because of housing affordability issues, so they will be demanding greater sustainability and longevity from them.”

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