San Diego – Need ideas and money to change lawn to sustainable landscape? The SD water authority has a showcase garden you can tour.

water authority

Tucked between the corporate offices and condos of Kearny Mesa, a new model of next-generation landscape practices has sprouted at the headquarters of the San Diego County Water Authority — an oasis brimming with graffiti star clusters, Dallas red lantana, Santa Barbara daisies and dozens of other plant varieties arranged artfully between pavers, mulch and stone.

As part of its efforts to promote water-use efficiency no matter the weather, the Water Authority recently installed the showcase garden to feature four core principles of sustainable landscapes — healthy soils, climate-appropriate plants, high-efficiency irrigation and using rainwater as a resource.

Residents also are encouraged to take advantage of a financial incentive of $1.75 per square foot offered by the Water Authority for landscape upgrades through the Sustainable Landscapes Program.

Grant funds are nearly exhausted, but the agency is still accepting applications from property owners for upgrading 500 to 3,000 square feet of existing turf areas. Participants must comply with the same design criteria featured in the demonstration garden for water-efficient plants and irrigation equipment, rainwater detention features and soil amendments.

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Disclaimer: for information and entertainment purposes only

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