San Diego – Live in Bay Ho or Bay Park? New plan to add dense housing near new trolley stations along Moreno Blvd


San Diego officials are proposing major zoning changes near new trolley stations along Morena Boulevard that would allow 10-story housing projects and revamp much of the street grid between Interstate 5 and the University of San Diego.

The goal is helping solve the city’s severe lack of housing with dense projects along a new trolley line connecting Old Town and the University of California San Diego that’s expected to begin operations in 2021.

The proposal, called the Morena Corridor Specific Plan, also includes new protected paths for bicyclists and pedestrians, an artisan district, a linear park along Tecolote Road, wider sidewalks, public plazas and urban greens.

The plan covers a 280-acre area that follows the path of the new trolley line in Clairemont and Linda Vista, then extends east to include the existing Linda Vista/Moreno trolley station on the green line.

The two new trolley stations included in the plan will be located where Morena Boulevard crosses Clairemont Drive and where Morena Boulevard crosses Tecolote.

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