What’s trending in home remodels/upgrades for 2019


Master bathroom trends

“Some of the trending features we are seeing in master bath layouts are steam shower, spa/rain-shower head, freestanding tubs, wet/dry areas (shower/tub combinations), huge showers and lots of light in bathrooms,” says Pardee’s Finstad. “At some price points, tubs in master bathrooms are becoming less of a priority. We do expect these trends to continue into 2019.” The steam showers, spa shower heads and well-lit bathrooms all signify a major trend in home building toward wellness.

Machado-Rosas is seeing similar trends in her projects at Jackson Design and Remodeling. “The home wellness features we’ve seen increasing in popularity are steam and digital showers and bidet toilet seats. Human-centric lighting is also trending for us, with a focus on thoughtfully planned layers of lighting that adapt to the body’s natural cycles. Baby boomers and millennial parents are equally interested in these features, which we see connected in part to an overall trend toward comfort and coziness at home.”

Kitchen trends

The wellness trend is showing up in kitchens, too. “The steam oven has captured the imagination of homeowners,” says Graham. “They can effortlessly transition from a conventional oven to a convection steam oven and immediately see the benefits. It is an attractive option for the health-conscious consumer.”

Connected appliances that let you see inside from the supermarket are another trend, as are dishwashers that do more with less: less water, less energy and less noise, but more capacity with third racks. “On the horizon, I think we’ll see manufacturers continue to focus on how they can create a dishwasher with maximum cleaning power using the least amount of water and energy possible.”

Living space trends

Socialization is key, with kitchens opening up to indoor and outdoor living areas. “Today’s buyers are looking for homes with open spaces, particularly downstairs, with open entryways and inviting kitchens that open to the family room. I would recommend sellers with older homes remove a wall or reconfigure their living areas in order to entice more buyers, which, in turn, will demand a higher price,” La Mattery suggests. “I also find that many buyers would rather have an additional guest room downstairs, as opposed to a living room that gets very limited use.”

“We have increased our output of health/wellness spaces, both indoor and outdoor,” Pardee’s Finstad says. “The modern homebuyer prioritizes health and wellness far more than ever before. We’ve staged yoga decks as well as more traditional indoor fitness rooms to illustrate the opportunities buyers have to create a healthy environment within their own home.”

read more at: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/lifestyle/sd-hm-remodel-trends-20181227-story.html

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