20% of San Diego Listings had price reductions

More than 20 percent of homes for sale in the San Diego metropolitan area had a price decrease in June.

Of the 20 biggest metro areas in the nation, San Diego had the sixth most price reductions, said data provided by Zillow. Chicago had the most reductions at 22 percent.

The numbers are down from the end of last year in San Diego metro. In October 2018, 27 percent of home listings had price reductions. Still, recent numbers are a far cry from the start of 2017 when fewer than 8 to 9 percent of listings had a price reduction.

Real estate agents say changing attitudes of sellers and buyers have created a tougher home market for all parties, even though there are still signs of a strong market.

read more at: https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/real-estate/story/2019-08-14/more-than-20-percent-of-san-diego-homes-had-price-reductions-in-june

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