Bay Park -Planned complex when trolley extented


Intersection of Clairemont Drive and Morena Blvd.

The proposed residential and retail mid-rise complex that would take over the 3.55-acre parking lot at the intersection of Clairemont Drive and Morena Boulevard in Bay Park represents the future of transit-adjacent housing in San Diego, its developer says.

Wednesday, real estate group Protea Properties pulled back the curtain on Bayview Plaza, a 297,084-square-foot mixed-use project at 2565 Clairemont Drive. The local developer seeks to add 156 mostly market-rate apartments, and 40,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space to the Linda Vista neighborhood that will soon serve as the front porch for the $2 billion Mid-Coast Trolley extension now under construction.

The project, which is being reviewed by city staffers, could open as early as the summer of 2022, and its location overlooking Mission Bay will likely serve as the standout amenity. That’s because, in addition to its coastal vantage point, Bayview Plaza proffers, at least on paper, a live-play-and-ride-transit-to-work lifestyle independent of cars — although resident and transit-rider parking will be available.

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