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Home fall maintenance checklist

Although temperatures may not be dropping across all of the nation, we’re entering the fall season, and that means it’s time to prepare your home for changes. Here are seven essential tasks to take care of your home over the next few months.

Gutter cleaning: This is a deceptively simple but important maintenance task that protects your roof, lawn, attic, foundation and basement. Overflow from clogged gutters can create backup on your roof in freezing weather or pooled water right next to your foundation during non- freezing times. A gutter cleaning ensures smooth drainage every time.

Prep your lawn: Aerate your lawn to improve root development. Put away all lawn equipment and hoses, as well as drain gasoline. Sow grass seed in bald spots and add fertilizer to help create a healthy lawn in spring.

Inspect your foundation for cracks: Foundation repairs can be some of the most expensive repairs your home ever requires. Fortunately, foundation cracks are easier to repair the sooner they’re addressed. Once you’ve discovered structural problems, call a pro as soon as possible to address them.

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