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How to choose the right paint color for any room


You’ve pored over the colour charts and painted swatches on the walls but how do you decide on the perfect colour?

“Committing to a new paint colour is daunting,” says Sydney-based colour expert and artist Julie Rekha from online art gallery, Art Expedia. “For the living room, go with colours centred between cool and warm tones. A cool light neutral grey colour can work well for the kitchen. A nice deep brown will suit the dining room as this colour is great for a room that is a setting for celebrations. A nice tan or pale blue colour will work for the bedroom and a cool peach colour will suit the kids’ room.”

“Don’t be limited in thinking there are certain colours for rooms. You can use any colour,” says paint expert, Annie Sloan, who has written more than 20 books on paint, colour and technique and created her own worldwide brand of paint called Chalk Paint. “A bathroom doesn’t have to be blue or green just because there is water in it. Really what you need to think about is how much light is in the room.”

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