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How to keep your home from looking dated

Despite your best efforts, that brightly coloured accent wall you painted in the ’90s just isn’t looking so fresh any more, is it? This doesn’t mean you have bad taste or that your house is old; it’s just that this part of your home is starting to look a little dated. So how do you passe-proof your home? Ahead, we list a few tips to keep your dwelling up-to-date.

Figure out your personal style first

You know which clothing styles work on your body, but do you know what decor suits your abode? Knowing your personal interior style is crucial if you want to create a home you’ll love beyond the current season. No one can afford to take that risk. So ask yourself the following: What defines my personal taste? What colours do I love? And why? The key is to determine your personal style fundamentals first; then build on them.

Have a flexible colour theme as the base

Pick a base colour palette that allows for some flexibility as the trends change each season. While many will expect this to be a mostly neutral theme, leading Australian interior designer Shaynna Blaze says it’s all about warm and cool, and “whether you love white and grey or cream and stone as a base to build your colours on.” Once you settle on a preference, sticking to that constant colour theme throughout your home should prevent it from looking dated too quickly and ensure it survives the seasonal trends. It’s the perfect backdrop to feature period pieces, so you can still have fun with timely styles.

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How to choose the right paint color for any room


You’ve pored over the colour charts and painted swatches on the walls but how do you decide on the perfect colour?

“Committing to a new paint colour is daunting,” says Sydney-based colour expert and artist Julie Rekha from online art gallery, Art Expedia. “For the living room, go with colours centred between cool and warm tones. A cool light neutral grey colour can work well for the kitchen. A nice deep brown will suit the dining room as this colour is great for a room that is a setting for celebrations. A nice tan or pale blue colour will work for the bedroom and a cool peach colour will suit the kids’ room.”

“Don’t be limited in thinking there are certain colours for rooms. You can use any colour,” says paint expert, Annie Sloan, who has written more than 20 books on paint, colour and technique and created her own worldwide brand of paint called Chalk Paint. “A bathroom doesn’t have to be blue or green just because there is water in it. Really what you need to think about is how much light is in the room.”

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How to Spend Those Big Bucks to Make the Greatest Impact on Your Home’s Marketability


When Jim Holland bought his current house, the former engineer and do-it-yourselfer quickly made a mental list of the home-improvement projects he wanted to tackle.

At the top was a new garage door.

That might not be as flashy as a remodeled kitchen or a new deck — you’re unlikely to see a photo spread on garage doors in the next issue of Better Homes and Gardens — but Holland, as a longtime Realtor and broker in La Jolla, knows the value of curb appeal.

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First, he wanted his new home to look good, and pulling into the driveway each day just felt better once the new door was up. But second, Holland has learned that improving the home’s exterior is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to increase its value.

“It made a major, dramatic change to the front of the house, and I got comments all the time from people,” says Holland of the neighbors he soon met. “ ‘Oh, you’re the guy with the nice garage door, right?’ They didn’t know my name, but I was known.”

Holland estimates the custom garage door cost about $5,000, which he says “is a lot of money to spend.” But he calls it a great investment when combined with a later re-stuccoing project to the front of the house that gave it a complete makeover and a significant upgrade in value.

To Holland and others with experience in San Diego real estate, it’s sometimes the smaller projects, a few cans of paint or an upgrade in appliances and landscaping that make homes not only more livable but also more valuable in the long run.

“Granite countertops, brand new cabinets, new fixtures, that sort of stuff is great, and it absolutely helps your property sell quicker and for more money,” says Seth O’Byrne, a San Diego Realtor. “But as far as bang for your buck, it’s really hard to compete with the value of improving the paint and flooring and staging the property well.”

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