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Future of the Tract Home?

tract home

The design has a street-friendly two-storey frontage to the street and bedrooms on the upper level, while the living areas are in a single-storey pavilion connected to outdoor space.

With the modular form that can be adapted four ways depending on site orientation, this means living areas enjoy northern light, privacy is maintained and there is no overshadowing of neighbouring homes. There’s also a windowbox add on to increase the community feel of the house.

Mirvac general manager design, sales and marketing Diana Sarcasmo says that future home-buyers would be sure to love the ideal house design too.

“This is a home we feel confident our customers would love to live in,” she says. “It offers everything that we know families value in a home. Its cleverness lies in its modular form which can be adapted for a number of different sites and orientations.”

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Give Your Home Remote Control

Imagine that your home could communicate with you, telling you, for example, that your refrigerator was about to fail or that your teenage daughter had arrived home from school safely. Imagine that it could learn your habits — the times of day you are home and away — and adjust the temperature and lights accordingly.

So-called smart homes may sound like science fiction, but they are becoming reality with technology that is now standard in some Chicago-area homes.

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“We want to make our homes future-ready,” said Deborah Beaver, vice president of operations for William Ryan Homes’ Chicago division, based in Schaumburg. “Technology is coming to our homes, even though not everybody can afford it right now.”

In July the homebuilder began wiring its new homes in communities in Lindenhurst, Elgin and Bolingbrook to take advantage of smart home technology. Buyers can get modules that allow them to control lighting, temperature, entertainment systems and security before move-in day, or at some later point when their budget allows. Systems can be turned off and on with remotes, switches or with a digital tablet or smartphone.

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What Will the Home of 2015 Be Like?

Rather than space-age technology, the biggest thing that is expected to change in the future of single-family homes is the size.

According to a study that surveyed home builders, they reported that they expect new single-family homes to check in at an average of 2,150 square feet. Current single family homes measure around 2,400 square feet, which is already a decrease from the peak home size in 2007 of 2,521.

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