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What a 6 star green rated home could look like

A new apartment project in Sydney is aiming for the rating, with plans for edible gardens, shared meditation space, on-sight water filtration and ‘bio-climatic responsive technology’.

That means it retains warmth in winter and allows airflow in summer reducing the need for heating and cooling adding to the building’s target to use 80 percent less energy than a standard residence, helped by an insulating green roof.


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Five Homes Made from Recycled Materials


It’s not just shipping containers being converted into modern homes.

A rising global interest in sustainability has sparked numerous innovative homes utilising secondhand materials.

Here are five examples from around the world.

1. Silos

Melbourne residents are most likely familiar with MAP Architecture’s Islington Silos project.

As the title suggests, the apartment building located on Islington Street Collingwood has converted 19 silos into 47 residential dwellings.

By preserving original facade and the heritage listed James Hood & Co. Malt Store entrance, the project breathes new life into the site that has been part of Collingwood’s history since 1878.

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Property Spotlight – Green GOOD Design Winner 2011

green house

They mean green

Here’s how the Krones home embraces green design principles:

Optimizing use of the sun: Scott designed the home to incorporate passive and active solar strategies. Two courtyards are edged in Moduline sliding glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows. They face south and west to capture light and heat, supplementing12 photovoltaic panels on the gabled garage roof that provide power to the house.

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Improving indoor air quality: Geothermal heating and cooling and an electronic air filter that removes allergens and pollutants provides economical environmental control; the garage is 37 feet away from the house to eliminate exhaust fumes; and the Krones used low-VOC materials throughout the house.

Using the land responsibly: “We choose a compact corner lot by East Wilmette standards, which is close to public transportation, schools, services and the beach,” says Scott. Scott maximized the home’s footprint with vaulted ceilings that drop to five feet on the edges of the second floor and soar to 23 feet in the center. “Village zoning doesn’t count any space lower than seven feet, so we effectively increased the size of the house by 20 percent,” he estimates. He also optimized the site by setting the long side of the house’s T-shape facing the house next door, fenestrating it with clerestory windows for privacy.

Creating a high-performance and moisture-resistant house: The house is built with engineered lumber, steel, common brick and fiber cement board, and the roof is standing seam aluminum — all materials that contribute to the strength, water resistance and reflectivity of the house. Coupled with high-density foam insulation and the heating and cooling system, “the house costs us very little in monthly expenses and is easy to maintain,” says Scott.

Wisely using the Earth’s natural resources: “We’ve very careful about what we bring into the house and how much we own,” says Sharon. “We’ve chosen our furnishings very carefully to last for a lifetime.”

Read entire article: http://www.chicagotribune.com/classified/realestate/home/ct-mag-0811-greener-gestures,0,3857817.story

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