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Home Repair/Inspections – Protecting everyone from Covid19

Just imagine. You can’t get any hot water, so you go down to the basement and find your water heater has given up the ghost, and it’s flooding the floor.

Or your selling your home or refinancing and have to have required inspections.

So, what’s the best way to stay safe when you must let a repair, inspector or delivery person into your home? Doctors and researchers say it is not impossible to be safe. They also say that because it could be years before there is a vaccine for the virus and at least several months before there are safe, effective treatments to treat the virus before it becomes acute in a patient, people need to embrace new protocols for daily life. And daily life is going to involve some malfunction or breakdown of essential equipment in your home.

Call ahead or look online to find out what kind of safety procedures and protocols they have in place to protect workers and customers,” Dr. Lawrence said. “That should include masks, cleaning supplies, sanitizer that they bring with them.

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Home Nightmares: What You Should Really Worry About, and Fix Now!

termiteDo you obsess, just a little, about that crack in your kitchen drywall, the one that looks harmless, but increases to the size of a giant sinkhole in your imagination? What about those tiny droplets of water around the base of your bathroom sink? Do they converge into a gurgling river when you dream about them in the middle of the night? Are you fearful that dozens of leaves are clogging up your gutters and damaging your roof — but too afraid to actually look?

Rather than disregarding these telltale signs, take action. Preventive maintenance — in both visible and invisible places — can keep expensive disasters off a homeowner’s to-do list, saving money for the improvements that enhance your home.

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Cracking Up

Foundation cracks aren’t necessarily the harbinger of financial doom, he says. “Concrete will harden and will crack. There is typical shrinkage as concrete cures, so you can get cracks in concrete in the crawl space or basement.”

The rule of thumb: If a crack is a quarter-inch wide or wider, then there’s concern.

Inside the home, drywall can crack as well.

“A drywall crack that starts at any corner of a window or the upper corner of any door, at about a 45-degree angle, indicates settlement in the home,” Fenimore says. “Some settlement is normal, but if you have several of these cracks, that could be a concern and should be addressed by a qualified structural engineer.”

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8 Easy Ways to Fix Up Your Home In 2 Days


As another weekend begins, it’s time to start thinking about some home improvement projects you can accomplish. Whether you’re preparing to do some holiday entertaining or just trying to winterize your home before the first big snowfall, these weekend DIY ideas will show you how to make easy and effective changes to keep your house looking and operating at its best.

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