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San Diego home sellers are slashing prices

San Diego County had the second-most home price reductions in the nation so far in 2019, said research from real estate website Trulia.

Price reductions are more common in the winter months, but San Diego County hasn’t seen as many cutbacks since 2014 when the market was still crawling out of the recession.

Twenty percent of homes for sale in February had a price drop, the most of any California city. At the same time last year, the percentage was 10 percent.

Felipe Chacon, economist at Trulia, said the reductions in San Diego show a shift toward better conditions for buyers but it’s not like prices are suddenly affordable for the majority of the region’s inhabitants. The median home price was $542,000 in December, said CoreLogic, up 2.5 percent in a year.

A few examples of price reductions:

  • 3675 8th Ave. — This 2,660-square-foot craftsman home in Hillcrest went on the market for $1.1 million in September 2018, but had its price reduced 15 times. It is now on the market for $905,000.
  • 4169 Balboa Way — This 1,408-square-foot condo in Clairemont went on the market for $525,000 on Feb.6 but had been reduced to $491,111 by March 11.
  • 5370 La Jolla Blvd, Unit 203 — This 1,353-square-foot condo in La Jolla, two blocks away from ocean access at Calumet Park, was listed at $799,000 in November, but has had its priced reduced four times. It is now for sale for $719,000
  • 210 Treasure Drive — This newly built 2,801-square-foot San Marcos home, with four bedrooms, started out at $829,900 but is now $799,900.
  • 333 Orange Ave., Unit 9 — This 1,087-square-foot Coronado condo started at $725,000 in September, was raised to $775,000 in December, and then reduced several times back down to $725,000.
  • 2165 Anthony Drive — This 916-square-foot single-family home near Shelltown went on the market in August for $389,000. The 90-year-old house was taken on and off the market before selling for $330,000 last week.

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