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Simplyifying a Big Move

Packing tips

Good packing is crucial for a stress-free move. It’s always better to use small moving boxes for heavier household items.and large moving boxes for lightweight items like linen and pillows.

Pack similar items together so that a delicate crystal vase is not in the same box with a toaster, for example.

Label a box “blue bedroom,” not “Max’s bedroom,” so the movers know where it goes. Use small boxes to be kind to your back. Buy stretch wrap to contain unwieldy furnishings like sofa beds and use unprinted packing paper. Make sure cartons are firmly packed, and provide plenty of cushioning such as bubble wrap to absorb shock.

Keep sentimental items and valuables with you during the move. That includes jewelry, medications, home videos, photo albums, laptop computers and new-home documents.

Prohibited items on professional movers’ lists include hazardous materials like aerosol cans, pesticides, paints, pool chemicals, fire extinguishers, firearms and propane tanks, and perishables such as frozen foods, plants and produce. If you want to move a piano, call a piano mover.

Some busy professionals hire designers like Donna Hall of Savvy Interior Design Inc. in Hinsdale to inventory their belongings, suggest what to toss or donate, direct the movers and arrange furnishings in the new home. The result is a thought-out design instead of a pile of boxes awaiting direction.

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What Every Seller Should Know

As 2013 emerges with signs of a bottoming out of the real estate slump, homeowners who have been sitting on the sidelines may finally be ready to take the plunge and put their homes on the market.

But for those hoping to sell in the spring, the most popular season for home sales, now is the time to make a few New Year’s resolutions to pave the way for the best deal.

Many North Jersey real estate agents say 2013 is as good a time as ever to sell, as the housing market is slowly creeping back — though still far below the peak.

While home values nationwide have begun rebounding, prices in the New York metropolitan area, which includes North Jersey, ticked down 1.2 percent in October compared with levels a year earlier, according to the Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller home price index. Home prices in the region are back to the levels of February 2004 and have dropped 23 percent from their peaks in mid-2006.

Spring is a popular time to list a home for a number of reasons. In the past, corporate executives got their bonus checks in January and began to house hunt, while others received tax refunds. And a spring purchase gives buyers time for the kids to settle down over the summer before heading to a new school in September, said Cindy Marsh-Tichy, president-elect of the New Jersey Association of Realtors.

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