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Solar Energy is Poised for an unforgettable year

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New Statistics just released  by the U.S. Energy Information Administration suggest that in the coming year, the booming solar sector will add more new electricity-generating capacity than any other — including natural gas and wind.

As part as the typical loan process, lenders randomly assign an appraiser to determine the appraised value of a home.  However, solar/energy efficient homes are not a typical home – it is a high performance building with unique features.  Fannie Mae,
Freddie Mac and FHA guidelines require appraisers to be competent in the property type they are appraising.

If you do not clearly identify the property as a special property type requiring a competent appraiser trained in solar powered, energy-efficient,
high performance homes, a typical appraiser will be assigned, these features may not be taken into account, which will put your appraisal at risk of not being competently appraised.

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EIA reports that planned installations for 2016 include 9.5 gigawatts of utility-scale solar — followed by 8 gigawatts (or 8 billion watts) of natural gas and 6.8 gigawatts of wind. This suggests solar could truly blow out the competition, because the EIA numbers are only for large or utility-scale solar arrays or farms and do not include fast-growing rooftop solar, which will also surely add several additional gigawatts of capacity in 2016.

In other words, U.S. solar seems poised for not just a record year but perhaps a blowout year. Last year, in contrast, solar set a new record with 7.3 gigawatts of total new photovoltaic capacity across residential, commercial, and utility scale installations.

read more at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/energy-environment/wp/2016/03/02/solar-energy-is-poised-for-an-unforgettable-year/

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