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San Diego is Predicted to be One of the Four Cities Where House Prices Will Fall the Most

REVEALED: The four cities where house prices will fall the MOST since 2008 crash – San Jose, Austin, Phoenix and San Diego could see valuations plunge 25% as property across rest of US dips, Goldman Sachs warns

Goldman Sachs issued the housing market forecast in a report earlier this month 
Projected peak-to-trough declines of 25% percent in several cities 
San Jose, Austin, Phoenix and San Diego are expected to be the hardest hit
But Miami is projected to escape the correction, with prices rising slightly
Nationwide, Goldman says prices will fall 6% this year before rising again 

read more at: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11672609/4-cities-home-prices-fall-2008-crash-San-Jose-Austin-Phoenix-San-Diego.html