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Bay Park: SD Plan Commission approves dense housing near Moreno Blvd Trolley

The San Diego Planning Commission unanimously approved a proposal Thursday that would allow high-rise housing projects near new trolley stations along Morena Boulevard while revamping the street grid between Interstate 5 and the University of San Diego.

The goal of the proposal, which the City Council is expected to consider this spring, is to help solve the city’s lack of housing with population-dense projects along the new trolley line, scheduled to begin operating in 2021.

The plan would lift the height limit from 45 feet to 65 feet near the existing Linda Vista/Morena trolley station and up to 100 feet near the new Tecolote station.

The two new trolley stations included in the plan will be located where Morena Boulevard crosses Clairemont Drive and where Morena Boulevard crosses Tecolote.

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San Diego – Bay Ho and Bay Park :Council approves housing project on Morena


A divided San Diego City Council voted 6-3 this week to approve the first major housing project along the new Morena Boulevard trolley line despite concerns the project isn’t dense enough and includes no low-income units.

Council members in opposition said San Diego needs to demand all projects have at least 10 percent of the units designated as low-rent to help solve the city’s housing affordability crisis.

“We’re never going to come together and move the mountain unless we are showing others we are going to be standing up on that word,” Councilman Chris Ward of University Heights told his colleagues.

They also said the project, 150 apartments on the 6-acre site of the Coastal Trailer Villa recreational vehicle park, isn’t nearly dense enough considering it’s on a new trolley line connecting Old Town and La Jolla, slated to open in 2021.

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Bay Park/Bay Ho, Linda Vista, UTC, La Jolla – How will the Trolley Expansion Effect Value of Homes?


Extending the trolley from Old Town to La Jolla has always promised to change the neighborhoods it passed through on the way.

But residents of Linda Vista, Bay Park and Clairemont – predominantly single-family, middle-class neighborhoods where the expansion will run – don’t seem too interested in the type of change the city has in mind.

The discontent comes from the city’s attempts to allow for new types of development in the areas surrounding two new trolley stops. The city wants the area to develop with trolley users in mind.

It wants to encourage developers to build businesses and lots of homes near the trolley, so people who live there can make it their primary transportation option.

Allowing dense development clusters around the stops, the thinking goes, gets the most out of the $1.7 billion investment in extending the trolley.

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