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Check Out the RESNET Interactive House – Home Energy Saving Tips

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Check it out at : http://www.resnet.us/smarthome

1 Way of 24 Ways to Save Energy Now

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Warm up with wood – (check your state laws, some states do not allow new wood burning fireplaces). If you use oil or electric-baseboard heat, installing a wood-burning stove can save you a good sum of money.  According to woodheat.org, a nonprofit endorsing responsibility in using wood for home heating, pre-split wood costs roughly $250 per cord, compared with $440 for the year in fuel oil (at $2.75/gallon), and those who produce their own wood can save more than $2000 annually.  Hire a wood burning specialist to educate you about local regulations, evaluate the chimney requirements and recommend proper floor protection.

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1 Way of 1/24 Ways to Save Energy Now

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Rein in you power – Especially for older large appliances, use an electronic power-controlling device ($26-$60) to reduce the motor’s energy consumption.  It’s not a power strip, but a small electronic that does not consume any energy itself.  It regulates power delivered to the unit by adjusting its oscillation so it operate more efficiently.  Savings vary with voltage, appliance age, and local electricity charges.

For more information go to: http://www.dropyourenergybill.com/archives/2333

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