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Aussies have a suggestion to get more from your solar panels when you’re actually at home – Split Style Installation

Solar panels alone won’t make the biggest impact in driving down power bills.

Other ways to drive down costs even further is through smarter panel alignment, which can boost hours of sun exposure, and installing battery storage.

Solar energy company Shinehub’s co-founder and solar consultant Alex Georgiou said historically solar rooftop panels in Australia have been installed as a single, north-facing unit, to make use of the midday sun, but fail to provide solar energy when users are at home later in the day.

Solar engineer Jin Kim says a split-style installation is needed to increase efficiency and panel usage.

“North-facing panels will pump plenty of energy back into the grid, but the vast majority of households panels need to be facing in other directions, like east and west, in order to generate power at the times you’re actually at home and using it,” Kim says.

Georgiou claims that users of this split-style installation were running power bills as low as $10 per month during winter.

Peters says this simple panel alignment change nearly halved his costs.

read more at: http://www.smh.com.au/money/use-solar-panels-and-batteries-to-put-the-power-back-in-your-hands-20171130-gzwgyj.html

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Google Earth Helps to Easily Determine the Optimum Tilt for Solar Panel Placement

Using the Google Earth file, one can easily determine the optimum tilt and azimuth angles for any site in California, as well as the average annual increase in radiation at the optimum tilt and azimuth versus horizontally flat.

Read more about it at: http://solar.ucsd.edu/