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Update your home with lasting changes – guidelines to avoid looking dated

Stick with the basics for your basics

Clean lines and neutral colors, while not the stuff of Instagram likes, will probably outlast current obsessions such as patterned cement tiles and benches upholstered with ratty sheepskins. Design pros preach that the backbones of your home — floors, walls and major furniture — should skew toward simplicity. In a decade, that swoop-armed Pottery Barn sofa might feel more tired than a low-slung, squared-off midcentury modern couch.

Indulge in trends — in a small way

Holland says she sometimes gets pushback from clients when she presents a design proposal with neutral base elements. “They’ll sometimes say, ‘That’s boring,’ but I emphasize that the way to do these trends — macramé, a bold pattern — is in a pillow or a small area rug,” she says. It’s akin to shelling out for the little black designer dress you’ll wear forever, then dolling it up with this season’s necklace and shoes.

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5 affordable home renovations that give you best bang for your buck

1. Update key areas with paint

A fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest, cheapest and easiest ways to transform your home quickly, Resene’s marketing manager Karen Warman said.

“Kitchens and bathrooms are often the areas of a home that the owner most wants to update but can’t always afford the price tag to go all new,” Warman said. ” A quick and easy update is to paint the cabinetry.  Change the handles to a current style, and you’ll have a new looking space for the fraction of the cost of full replacement.”

If you decide to paint your entire home, Warman recommends breaking the project down into smaller parts.

“Start with the most used areas first, so that you can enjoy the changes while you work on the rest of the house,” she said.

Expect to pay: About $200 to $300 if taking the DIY route. Add on about $40 per hour for professional painters. (note: this is in Aussie dollars)

2. Install a new kitchen back-splash

Kitchen renovations don’t come cheap. But don’t let that stop you from giving your kitchen some TLC.

If you can’t afford to completely re-fit your kitchen, make it feel fresh by installing a new splash back.

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