City of San Diego Bans Overnight RV Parking


— Overnight parking restrictions targeting recreational vehicles, trailers and campers will soon be in effect for all of San Diego’s streets.

After seven years of debate the City Council enacted an ordinance Monday that would prohibit such vehicles from overnight street parking — a nuisance that has plagued beach neighborhoods. The city had considered a similar ban in 2008 but abandoned it because of budgetary concerns.

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“The proliferation of illegally parked vehicles is a public safety, is a quality of life and can be an environmental issue that especially impacts our neighborhoods and particularly many of those that are in our beach and bay communities,” said Councilman Kevin Faulconer, who pushed for the ordinance. “Currently we have vehicles that are parked in front of homes and businesses for weeks at a time, taking up valuable parking spaces … and limiting access to driveways and alleys which present major pedestrian problems.”

The existing rules allow vehicles to remain parked in the same spot for up to 72 hours after which they must move one-tenth of a mile although enforcement is spotty at best.

The new ordinance bans street parking of oversized vehicles, nonmotorized trailers and RVs between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. and prohibits them from parking with 50 feet of intersections at all times. Violators would receive a $100 ticket. Residents and their guests would be able to apply for permits to park on the same block as their home while preparing for trips.

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